It’s that time of year, when your little one gets to dress up as their favorite character and ask for sweets. While your children walk from door-to-door, you’re probably concerned with how to keep them safe. The best thing you can do is take these 4 Halloween safety tips and apply them to your night out.

1. Pair up

While out and about, all children should have a parent or trusted adult with them at all times. Even if your child is old enough to trick-or-treat by themselves, make sure they stick to areas they know and have them go with a friend, or group of friends, you know and trust.

2. Drive safely

Whether you’re driving from neighborhood to neighborhood or just out driving in general, be extra careful as there will be a lot of people walking around. Slow down and take extra time to look for kids on medians, curbs, and at intersections.

If you’re walking, teach your kid to be extra cautious of drivers. Teach them ahead of time to look both ways and to make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them. You can also place reflective tape on your child’s costume to help them stay visible.

3. Make costumes safe

Your child’s costume should stand out, but more importantly, they have to be able to walk in it. That means the costume should be the right length and when swords, sticks, or canes are used make sure they don’t trip on those either.

4. Sort through the candy

You know your kid is going to want to dig into their candy as soon as they get it, or shortly thereafter. To discourage your child from eating it while out and about, make sure they eat a filling meal beforehand.

This will eliminate your child from binging on sweets and give you enough time to sort through their candy to look for suspicious items.

What other Halloween safety tips do you have?

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