best apps for new parents

Being a parent is tough. So your life can be made easier in some way. Who doesn’t want to simplify their life? Check out these apps for new parents to make the difficult task of raising a kid slightly easier.

During Pregnancy

If you’re the person who wants to know exactly how your baby is growing every step of the way, you’ll want to check into TheBump app. The app is a week-by-week pregnancy and newborn tracker for both Android and IOS users.

You can stream through expert articles and Q&A’s. In addition, you can figure out approximately how big your baby may be, view your pregnancy calendar, and create week-by-week checklists. You won’t miss a thing by using this app.

Welcoming Your Child

If you just welcomed your baby into the light and sometimes scary world, there are apps that will make both of you feel more comfortable.

The White Noise Baby app will help your child relax, stop crying, and sleep better by playing looped sounds such as classical music, a Doppler ultrasound of the womb, or a car ride.

While your child is still an infant, and even well beyond, you are sure to have questions. The WebMD Baby app will be there for you when you have questions about your baby. You can even manage schedules for sleeping, feeding, growth, and more.

Becoming a Toddler

As kids become more curious you’ll want them to interact, grow, and learn all they can. Interactive apps can help your child learn words, shapes, colors, and much more – many of them cost $1.99.

Busy Shapes is a game which allows kids to see how their interaction with objects changes as the environment changes. For instance, the sound of wood against wood is different than the sound of metal on metal. You can sign up for an account through the app to see reports on your kid’s usage as well.

Check out Eli Explorer if you’re trying to work on words with your kid. It’s an open-play exploration app that teaches kids how to pronounce important words and phrases. They can swipe the screen to move Eli, the friendly rabbit, from place to place and hear words and phrases.

Another one to consider is Peekaboo Barn, an app that teaches kids the names of barnyard animals.

With the vast amount of learning apps available you’ll be able to keep your kid entertained and learning for hours. Check out the app store and the google play store for other great learning apps.

Adolescent Years

By the time your child gets to middle school they will probably be more technologically savvy than you are. However, you can still download apps of your own to help you keep track of the now even crazier schedule and increased wants.

If you give your kids an allowance, try using Bank of Mom which allows you to set up bank accounts for each of your kids. Then your kids can withdraw and deposit while learning the importance of financial responsibility.

For those wanting a sure way to keep track of their kids, the Find My Kids—Footprints app may be the perfect fit. The app uses GPS in real time allowing you to locate your child wherever they go. The app is free, but you will have to purchase a subscription for the tracking feature. An Android version to consider is the Family Tracker app.

Reaching Adulthood

At this point in your child’s life, they have probably been downloading their own apps for a while now to make their lives easier, which means the responsibility is no longer on you. Just enjoy spending time with them and when they start to have kids, share what you think the best apps for new parents are.

What other apps for parents do you use?

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