credit score myths

Myth 1: An employer won’t hire you because you have a low credit score

Employers can’t look at your score without expressed permission from you. So although some employers may look at credit when assessing prospective candidates, they’re viewing a modified version of credit reports – not your credit score.

Myth 2: Your income affects your credit score

Despite what many people think, the amount of money you make doesn’t increase or decrease your score in any way. It might affect your score indirectly if you’re unable to pay your bills, but other than that you’re in the clear.

Myth 3: Your spouse’s credit score impacts your credit score

When you get married a common saying is “what’s yours is mine, what’s mine is yours.” Well forget that completely when it comes to credit scores. Your credit score is yours and yours only, so it’s important to keep your own credit score in adequate shape.

Myth 4: Paying cash for everything will help your credit score

The only way you can actually build your credit is to use credit accounts. Cash, debit cards, checks, or gift cards won’t do anything for your score.

If you’re just paying with cash right now, your score is probably mediocre. If you’re looking to make some bigger financial decisions in the short term, you may want to get a move on boosting your credit score.

Myth 5: You can never get a loan with a bad credit score

This is definitely not true. Not only are there companies out there willing to give loans to people with lower credit scores, but there are various lending programs available. You may have to pay a higher interest rate, or put a certain amount of money down, but you shouldn’t have a problem getting a loan.

What other credit score myths have you heard?

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